Value Proposition

Integrated Choices
At ITS Financial Group Inc., our goal is to prepare your taxes. Through a collaborative approach with our affiliated companies, we can help you integrate your tax into a balanced plan of action.  This may be accomplished by evaluating any one or all the key areas:

  1. Tax leakage [handled through ITS Financial Group Inc.]
  2. Real estate holdings [handled through an affiliated company, Beach Cities Real Estate & Investment Inc.]
  3. Risk management  [handled through an affiliated company, TaeSurance]
  4. Estate planning  [handled through an affiliated company, outside estate planning firms]
  5. Mortgage restructuring [handled through an affiliated company, Fusion Loan Advisors Inc.]

As a result of utilizing our services, you may: reduce your taxes, minimize your risk, and maximize your utility. Given our wide range of access, our team has a solid understanding of how decisions affect your taxes.  This will help you avoid isolated decisions which can adversely impact your personal holdings.  Each service above has its own engagement. Talk to our staff about your specific needs.


Informed Decisions
Our team consists of highly skilled, licensed professionals who bring together many years of experience.  ITS Financial Group, Inc. believes in the power of information. ITS Financial Group, Inc. has the potential to provide more value to you. We will equip you with the knowledge you need to make smart, informed decisions.

Impeccable Work Ethic
Our team strives to provide you with sound and quality advice, in a timely manner.  We are available to answer your questions and guide you toward meeting your financial goals. We strive to provide you with a friendly, warm experience at each visit.  Our work ethic has garnered a reputation among clients as a “team that will work for your success.”


Independent Advice
Over the last decade, our ITS Financial Group, Inc. team has established valuable connections with many professionals and companies.  We have professionals who can help you address the uniqueness and complexity of your tax issues with minimal bias. All of our decisions will be based on what is best for you and your unique situation.

Learn more about ITS Financial Group, Inc. Call 424-999-8829 or schedule an appointment for an initial consultation.