Tax Preparation Services For Individuals

Tax Preparation Services

ITS Financial Group, Inc. prepares taxes for both all individuals whether you are an employee or business owner.  With an integrated team of financial professionals in-house, you will reduce guesswork, increase efficiency in record keeping, satisfy tax laws and avoid an IRS audit while maximizing your wealth at the same time.

Each tax season, individuals struggle with compiling tax documents.  The consequences of missing these important documents can cause headaches.  Moreover, it will also waste your valuable time and money.  To help you better prepare and alleviate some stress, here are some recommendations:

  1. Purchase a large folder and label it 2016 tax documents.
  2. Print out the list below and attach it to the front page.
  3. Mark the items that are applicable to your situation.  When you get the particular document from whatever entity, cross it off.  For example, if you work for XYZ Company, then you will be getting a W-2 from this company.  Mark this item off your checklist once you get this.
  4. If you don’t get a (or any) document by March 1, call the company who is responsible for issuing it.
  5. Bring your completed list to your tax preparer.

Here is the tax checklist. Keep in mind that some items might not be applicable to your situation. Give us a call at 424-999-8829 for an initial consultation.


□ First, middle initial, and last names of taxpayers and dependents as written on the Social Security cards, and dates of birth for taxpayers and all dependents, especially new dependents.

□ Address, (city, state, zip), telephone number, and e-mail address.

□ Marital Status:  Single ___ Married ___ Head of Household ___ Separated ___

□ Number of Dependents: ___ Did any dependents have any income?  Yes ___ No ___

□ Do all dependents live with you?        Yes ___ No ___

□ Check for direct deposit


□ Wages – All W-2’s                                          □ Income from Rentals – All 1099-MISC

□ Pensions/Retirements – 1099-R                 □ Business Income – All 1099-MISC

□ Social Security – SSA-1099                           □ Farm Income

□ Bank Interest – 1099-INT                             □ Alimony Received – Total amount

□ Dividends – 1099-DIV                                   □ Unemployment – 1099-G

□ Commissions – 1099-MISC                          □ State Tax Refund – 1099-G

□ Tips and Gratuities                                        □ Miscellaneous – Jury Duty, Gambling, Other

□ Sales of Stock, Mutual Funds – 1099-B




BUSINESS INCOME & EXPENSE ITEMSThis list is not all encompassing.  If you don’t see an expense listed below, ask.

Total (Gross) Income               Advertising                               Auto:  Parking &Tolls

Business Phone Expense        Cell Phone Expense                Subcontractors

Commissions Paid                    Insurance                                 Interest Paid

General Office Expense           Rent/Lease Fees Paid            Legal or Professional Fees

Repairs                                       Cleaning/Maintenance          Dues & Publications

Equipment/Supplies               Tools                                          License Fees/Taxes Paid

Utilities                                      Education Expense                 Association Dues

Bank/Credit Card Fees           Postage                                     Meals/Entertainment

Business & Total Miles           Asset Purchases                      Hotel/Travel Expense



Keys                                         Condo/PUD Fees                      Management Fees

Mortgage Statements           Yard Work                                  Termite Treatment Expense

Utilities                                   Mileage/Travel                           Other



Self-employed Health Insurance            IRAs /Keogh/SEPs                    Student Loan Interest

Medical Savings Account                          Teacher Expenses                     Child Tax Credit

Penalty on Early                                         Withdrawal of Savings             Foreign Tax Paid

        American Opportunity/HOPE/Lifetime Learning Expenses                Adoption Expenses

* Total Alimony Paid:  Must have name and Social Security number of recipient, and amount paid.

* Child Care/Day Care Credit:  Must have name, address, Social Security number or EIN of  provider, and amount paid.



Provide date payment was made and the amount paid. Be sure to include amounts for both the Federal and State quarterly tax estimate.






Medical & Dental bills                        Prescriptions                             Glasses/Contact Lenses

Out-of-pocket Expenses                     Medical Miles                            Lab Fees

Hearing Aids                                         Medical/Dental/Long Term Care Insurance



Prior year state tax paid                     City/local tax                            Sales tax

Real estate tax                                      Personal property tax             Other



Church                                                     Boy/Girl Scouts                       United Way/CFC

March of Dimes                                    American Heart                        Easter Seals

Red Cross                                               MDA/MS                                   Charitable miles

Salvation Army                                     Food Bank                                 Payroll deductions

Out-of-pocket Volunteer Expenses  YMCA/YWCA                           Other


List Fair Market Value of household goods and clothing items given to Charitable Organizations.