Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, what tax issues do you have, and which ones will you have to deal with? Did you know you have silent partners, namely the IRS and other taxing agencies, waiting to share the joy of your profit?  ITS Financial Groups Inc. specializes in real estate taxation.  We cannot help you evade taxes, but we can help you minimize them. A single mistake can cost you thousands, so be sure to consult with the appropriate tax professional before you perform an irreversible transaction.  If you deal in real estate, you will typically come across the topics below.  For consulting, contact us.


1031 Exchange

Depreciation recapture (Sec. 1250)

Residential replacement rollover: 1997

Second Home

The 3.8% tax, effective January 1, 2016

Primary residence exclusion

Wash Sale rules: 30 days

Passive Activity Rules

Real estate activity treated as business rather than investment

Incorporation to hold real estate

Record keeping issues to determine adjusted cost basis

IRS audit help