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We are the right firm for your tax and financial needs if you seek quality over quantity. You want professionals who can empathize with your unique situation and alleviate your problem with straight honest advice. Do not just choose us for our vast knowledge, but rather for the feeling that we do care about you. Our business is purely built on great reputation. Hence, we prefer to extend such privilege by working with the right clients. Are we the right firm for you? Are you the right client for us? If you think we might be, then give us a call at 424-999-8829 or click to email us.

Who is ITS Financial Group Inc.?

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ITS Financial Group Inc. provides tax and accounting services, while its' affiliated companies render investment, real estate, loans, and risk management. Over 1000 clients, both individuals and businesses across 50 US states and several countries, use our services. Our 4i's serve as our unique value proposition.

•Integrated Choices
•Informed Decisions
•Independent Advice
•Impeccable Work Ethic

Financial Road to Success

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The road to financial success requires reading signs and following directions. No one arrives at the destination of financial success by chance.

Most people fail to implement a solid strategy, only to realize too late the short distance they traveled and how little they have accomplished. Start your journey by setting goals, prioritizing objectives and committing to a plan of action! TaeVestment LLC, an affliate of ITS Financial Group Inc. can help you get there. Call us to see if we can help.

ITS Financial Group Inc, EA


We envision a tax and financial firms created for the sole purpose of  helping the middle class keep more of their hard-earned wealth by integrating diverse financial resources that would otherwise be only available to the ultra high net worth.  

We believe in providing unbiased tax and financial solutions in a consultative environment that is free from sales pressure.


ITS Financial Group Inc and its affiliated companies have a combined 50 years of experience.  


Though not yet a household name, ITS Financial Group Inc. is rapidly becoming a well-known entity in the South Bay.  


We are committed to help you keep your hard earned money using our financial network of resources.  This likely will allow you to pay less taxes, minimize financial mistakes, and protection your asset.    


Our work ranges from tax preparation for individuals and businesses to retirement planning.


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